Driving Rules and Regulations

Vehicles at a traffic junction

LTA & the Traffic Police (TP) enforces rules and regulations that keep our roads safe and traffic moving. Do take note of the driving rules and regulations and play a part in keeping our roads safe while enjoying a pleasant commute.

Speed Limits

40km/h When Lights Flash signage at a School Zone
Under the Road Traffic Act, LTA determines the speed limits while TP enforces action against speed limit offenders. The speed limit varies depending on the types of roads you are driving on. In general, the speed limit is 50km/h, unless otherwise stated.

Lower speed limits in School Zones help create a safer road environment for school-going children. A School Zone with a reduced speed limit of 40km/h is in effect when you see the “40km/h When Lights Flash” sign flashing.
Some features in the Silver Zone

Silver Zones are areas with enhanced road safety measures that make it safer and more convenient for senior pedestrians to cross the roads. The speed limit in Silver Zones, where it is feasible to lower the speed limit, is 40km/h.

Emergency vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances, and Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force vehicles are allowed to exceed the speed limit while on official duty.

Illegal Parking

LTA enforces parking regulations and restrictions across the island to keep traffic flowing freely, improve road user safety and prevent obstructions. Parking illegally along public roads is an offence liable to fines.

Road Signs and Schemes

To provide a safe environment for all road users, LTA designs traffic signs and schemes to:

  • Ensure the safe and orderly flow of traffic
  • Protect pedestrians and motorists at intersections
  • Reduce the severity and frequency of road accidents
  • Impart important road information

The designs and locations of traffic signs and road markings are regulated by LTA to be easily read and understood at a glance.

These signs and markings
 are visual reminders to communicate laws, regulations, traffic and road conditions, and ensure safety for all road users.

Impound Notice for Foreign Vehicles 

The foreign vehicles listed in this notification (PDF, 45kB) have been impounded by the Land Transport Authority. For enquiries or requests, please Contact Us.

If we do not receive any request within 14 days after publishing the notification, in accordance with the law, we will prepare for the disposal of these vehicles.

Disposal Notice for Vehicles and Devices

Vehicles and devices in this Gazette (PDF, 126kB) will be disposed, 1 month after its publication. 

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