Expressway Monitoring Advisory System

Expressway Monitoring Advisory System

Smooth, safe and swift accident response is made possible through the Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS), an intelligent incident management tool that manages traffic along our expressways. EMAS detects accidents, vehicle breakdown and other incidents promptly, ensuring fast response to restore normal traffic flow. It also provides travel time information on signboards before entering and along the expressways.

To help motorists determine the best routes to take, electronic signboards along the expressways and adjacent major roads display messages, graphics and colour-coded information on the traffic situation ahead. It also provides real-time information on travel time on electronic signboards located just before and along the expressways. Traffic information is also disseminated on OneMotoring, MyTransport.SG mobile app and @LTATrafficNews on Twitter, and sent to TrafficWatch (MediaCorp Radio) for broadcast.

EMAS also serves 10 major arterial road corridors. This brings about better information dissemination and improves traffic flow on the road network island-wide.

Response to Traffic Incidents

When a traffic incident is detected, the EMAS vehicle recovery tow truck and LTA Traffic Marshal work together to clear an accident and bring traffic flow back to normal as quickly as possible.

Any stalled vehicles are towed to the nearest designated carpark free of charge. With effect from 18 January 2006, it is an offence if a vehicle owner refuses to allow his vehicle to be towed away by the recovery crew, even if the owner is waiting for his own tow truck service that has yet to arrive. This minimises congestion and inconvenience to other motorists.

LTA Traffic Marshals also carry out on-scene management duties like traffic control and evidence preservation for accidents involving minor injuries to improve the accident clearance time, especially for minor accidents. The Traffic Police handles all accidents involving injuries and fatalities, and enforces traffic offences.

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Understanding EMAS Signs

EMAS Vehicle Recovery Service Brochure (PDF, 730kB)

List of major arterial road corridors with EMAS (PDF, 110kB)

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