Gracious Commuting

Five characters were introduced as part of the Graciousness campaign

Launched in 2014 by LTA, the Thoughtful Bunch gently nudge commuters to spread graciousness to make journeys more pleasant amidst the daily rush.

The Thoughtful Bunch highlights the caring and considerate nature in all of us.

  • Stand-Up Stacey: Gives up her seat to those who need it more.
  • Move-In Martin: Moves in to make space so others can board.
  • Give-Way Glenda: Queues to one side of the door and lets others alight first.
  • Bag-Down Benny: Puts his bag down so others have more room. 
  • Hush-Hush Hannah: Keeps her volume down so others enjoy a quieter ride.

They remind us about how we can make our daily commute more pleasant, be it looking up from our mobile phones, or taking our mind off work and the day’s task and pay attention to our surroundings when we’re on the train or bus.

The Thoughtful Bunch Stickers Pack on WhatsApp and Telegram for download!

Add a hint of thoughtfulness to your daily conversations with The Thoughtful Bunch WhatsApp and Telegram stickers!

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The stickers are also available on Instagram. 

One Simple Move is All It Takes To Be Thoughtful!

The Thoughtful Bunch is back in action with their #ThoughtfulMoves! Join them in making every journey a joyful ride as they make their gracious moves in and around our public transport network.

New posters for the 2019 graciousness campaign

Commuters shared the starry moments with the Thoughtful Bunch on the six Starry Graciousness Themed Train that ran on all MRT lines. The trains, designed with the theme of “Your Thoughtfulness Makes You a Star” is to celebrate and commend simple acts of thoughtfulness on the public transport network, such as giving up your seat to someone in need or moving in so that others can board the bus and trains too.

Spot the theme trains of the graciousness campaign

We also partnered the talented students of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to conceptualise trendy, new outfits for the Thoughtful Bunch. Taking inspiration from their everyday commute, the students’ styling philosophy conveys the notion that anyone can be a Stand-Up Stacey or a Move-In Martin and make a difference in our daily commute.

The Thoughtful Bunch designed by NAFA students

Left to Right: Bag-Down Benny, Stand-Up Stacey, Move-In Martin,
Hush-Hush Hannah and Give-Way Glenda

The thoughtful bunch mascots with persons dressed up as them

Collaborating with home-grown brand Peel Fresh, we gave away tote bags featuring the Thoughtful Bunch and their messages! This helps the Thoughtful Bunch to bring their messages to a wider group of audience. Did you manage to collect them all?

Image of Graciousness Tote Bags
The Thoughtful Bunch featured on coffee cups

KOPI The Way I Like,
Thoughtfulness The Way I Ride!

Making thoughtfulness as much a part of one’s day as a daily cuppa, the Thoughtful Bunch was featured on limited-edition cups in a partnership with Ya Kun Kaya Toast in August 2017.

The Thoughtful Bunch at various pop-up events

Spreading The Message Of Thoughtfulness!

The Thoughtful Bunch appeared at various pop-up events, engaging the public by getting them to take photos and share the message of thoughtfulness on social media. These messages were shared on both LTA’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

Be Part Of The Thoughtfulness Movement!

2016 Graciousness campaign image

Give-Way Glenda and her jolly band of commuter friends had a fun day out entertaining the public on 3 and 4 September 2016 in series of fun performances, contests and games at Marina Square. They were joined by actors Alaric Tay and Evelyn Tan. There was even a Thoughtful Bunch Look-alive contest, which showcased the imagination and creativity of commuters.

The Thoughtful Bunch at Marina Square
Public at the event

Thoughtfulness. A Better Ride For You & Me.

The Thoughtful Bunch were given a new and refreshed look in 3D in conjunction with their newest single and dance moves. This year’s campaign also included an online quiz where people could find out which of the Thoughtful Bunch characters they most resembled.

The Thoughtful Bunch in 3D figurines in 2015

Thoughtfulness. Bring It Out.

More characters were added to the Thoughtful Bunch: Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah. They were created based on suggestions by the public and joined the Thoughtful Bunch to remind fellow commuters to be gracious.

The launch of the campaign was complemented by a music video and catchy song.

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