Advertisement on Buses, Bus Stops and Linkways

Advertising on Buses

Bus advertisements must comply with LTA’s advertising guidelines and meet the safety and technical specifications that include, but are not limited to these conditions:

  • Perforated stickers on the side and rear glass panel windows of buses must allow for at least 40 per cent see through
  • Perforated stickers on the side windows of buses must cover no more than 25 per cent of the glass panel surface
  • All number plates, signs and mandatory information displays must not be concealed
  • For ease of recognition, the front of the bus must be free of advertisements
  • All advertising must meet standards of decency and aesthetics
  • Advertisements with two-dimensional (“2D”) or three-dimensional (“3D”) fixtures, or other technical innovations, must be constructed in accordance with the drawings and calculations by a certified Professional Engineer registered by the Professional Engineers Board

More Information

Terms and Conditions for Advertisement In/On Private Buses (PDF, 103kB)

Advertisement on Notice Boards at Bus Stops and Linkways

Looking to put up an advertisements at bus shelters without paying a fee? You can do so by making use of the free notice boards provided at designated bus stops. Do note LTA conducts regular maintenance of the notice boards and advertisements will be removed on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

Click here for the locations of bus stops with free notice boards. 

Low Cost Advertisement

Alternatively, you may contact our appointed vendor JCDecaux to put up A5 size advertisements on their notice boards for a low cost of $0.50 per day per advertisement. The minimum display per advertisement is 14 days and each advertiser is allowed to display a maximum of two advertisements.

You may book online here or for more information, please email JCDecaux at

The full list of locations of low cost advertisement notice board is listed here.


A low cost advertisement notice board at a covered linkway leading to Ang Mo Kio MRT.

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