Factsheet: LTA Trials Roller Barrier System to Enhance Safety on Bends

News Releases 16 Nov 2018 roller barrier system

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is trialling a roller barrier system along a stretch of the slip road between PIE(Tuas) to BKE(Woodlands) as part of our continuous efforts to enhance road safety for motorists. The roller barrier system has been certified as safe using a vehicular impact crash test conducted in the USA, and has been implemented in several other countries[1].

2.  The trial location was selected as it is a bend with relatively high occurrence of vehicles hitting the guardrail, as well as self-skidding accidents involving motorcyclists. Please refer to Annex for details on the roller barriers.

3.  As part of the trial, LTA has installed a row of roller barriers in place of the usual metal vehicular impact guardrail at a 230m stretch along the road bend. The bright yellow-coloured roller barrier system is designed to absorb the impact when a vehicle hits against it and steer the vehicle back into its lane.

4.  The rounded edges of the roller barrier system help to reduce the extent of injury to motorists in the event of a collision. In addition, the bright yellow-coloured roller barriers would increase motorists’ awareness of the bend and help them negotiate the bend safely.

5.  The trial will be conducted over a period of two years. LTA will study the effectiveness of the roller barrier system trial to assess if it can be extended to more locations.

Annex: Details on the roller barriers

[1] These countries include Malaysia, Australia and Thailand.


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