New Report PMD/PAB Incident Feature in MyTransport.SG

News Releases 19 Jul 2019 Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs)

     From 31 July 2019, members of public who encounter errant Personal Mobility Device (PMD) or Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) users who are speeding, riding recklessly, or seen in locations they are not permitted in (e.g. Pedestrian Overhead Bridges) can report the incident directly to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) via the MyTransport.SG mobile application.

2.   The new “Report PMD/PAB Incident” feature is a crowdsourcing channel that aims to facilitate the identification of errant riders and potential hot spots and will supplement LTA’s current enforcement efforts on the ground. Users who spot errant riders can use “Report PMD/PAB Incident” to take a photo or video to send to LTA by activating the feature located in the quick-launch menu of MyTransport.SG mobile app.  Please refer to Annex A on how to use the feature.

3.   Feedback providers should, as far as possible, try to record the identification numbers of the devices and details of their sightings such as the date, time and location. In the event of an accident involving injuries, members of public should proceed to lodge a police report immediately.

4.   Apart from the “Report PMD/PAB Incident” feature, members of the public can continue to use existing online and hotline channels to submit feedback to LTA. Public feedback has been useful in LTA’s enforcement efforts in validating new hotspots for our Active Mobility Enforcement Officers.


Commencement of Mobile CCTV Trial to
Detect Active Mobility Offences at Hotspots


5.   To augment its enforcement efforts, LTA will be partnering the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) on a pilot deployment of mobile systems equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

6.   Starting from 31 July 2019, mobile CCTVs will be rotated across different hotspot locations on public paths and roads, as part of an 18-month trial rollout.

7.   The trial aims to determine the effectiveness of the video analytics software and radar technology in these CCTVs in detecting active mobility offences such as speeding. Errant riders captured by the CCTVs during the trial may face further investigation and prosecution.

8.   Ensuring safety is key in our drive to encourage active mobility in Singapore as part of our Walk, Cycle, Ride transport vision. All path users, including riders and pedestrians, should be responsible and considerate of the safety of their fellow path users. All path users can also play their part in deterring reckless riding by providing feedback of errant riding if spotted. LTA will continue to ramp up its enforcement efforts and leverage new technology to deter errant riding behaviour and work towards safer journeys for everyone.

Annex A: User guide to the New “Report PMD/PAB incident” feature


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