Factsheet: Simulation Facilities for Signalling System Testing

News Releases 26 Feb 2020 Factsheet Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system Gali Batu Depot (GBD)

            To facilitate more rigorous and sophisticated tests of signalling software enhancements, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), together with our rail operators and manufacturers Siemens and Alstom, have set up signalling simulation facilities for the Downtown Line (DTL) and Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) at Gali Batu Depot and Mandai Depot respectively.

2          These facilities are equipped with hardware and software similar to the actual signalling systems operating on our rail lines. This allows software patches to be rigorously tested under a controlled environment and with local conditions, before the software is rolled out to the mainline. Doing so increases the robustness of testing and minimises potential disruption to passenger service.

3          As the facilities replicate the functionality of the mainline signalling system, they are also a useful training tool for LTA and the rail operator’s engineers to gain valuable practical experience on how to efficiently diagnose and rectify system faults during day-to-day operations and maintenance.

4          The phased opening of the TEL by 2024 and the addition of three new stations to the DTL in 2025 will be among the first few projects to leverage the capabilities of these new simulation facilities.

5          Examples of simulation scenarios at these facilities include testing how signalling software modifications interact with regular train operations such as headway regulation, implementation of a temporary speed restriction and the ability to hold a train at a platform during emergency situations.

6          Similar simulation facilities will be set up for the North East Line and Circle Line. By 2023, all existing MRT lines will have access to simulation capabilities. Please see the table below for the various facilities’ completion timelines. LTA has also made provisions for similar simulation facilities to be implemented for future rail lines such as the Jurong Region Line.

MRT Line


Simulation Facility Completion Timeline

North-South & East-West Lines

Bishan Depot

Completed end 2018

Downtown Line

Gali Batu Depot

Progressively from end 2019 to end 2020

Thomson-East Coast Line

Mandai Depot

Progressively from end 2019 to 1Q 2021

North East Line

Sengkang Depot

Progressively from mid-2020 to end 2022

Circle Line

Kim Chuan Depot

Progressively from 2Q 2021 to end 2022


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