LTA to Resume ERP Rate Reviews

News Releases 31 May 2020 ERP rates

No ERP charges at all gantries until 28 June 2020

         The Land Transport Authority (LTA) had earlier suspended Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charging at all gantries from 6 April 2020, in tandem with the Circuit Breaker period which resulted in reduced traffic volume.

2        As Singapore gradually reopens its economy from 2 June 2020, traffic volume is expected to increase as more people return to their workplaces and schools. In line with ERP’s purpose as a congestion management tool, LTA will resume the ERP review process from 2 June 2020 and monitor traffic speeds and congestion levels. This will enable LTA to identify locations with congestion and determine if ERP charges are required.

3        ERP rate reviews have traditionally been adjusted on a quarterly basis. However, with the evolving COVID-19 situation, LTA will start by shortening the frequency of its ERP rate reviews to once every four weeks, in order to be more responsive to changes in traffic conditions and manage congestion more effectively. Subsequently, LTA will adjust the review frequency depending on the ground situation. At an appropriate juncture, LTA will revert to the pre-COVID frequency of quarterly ERP rate reviews.

4        The outcome of the first ERP rate review post-Circuit Breaker will be announced in the fourth week of June 2020, and the appropriate ERP rates, if any, will take effect from 29 June 2020. Until then, there will continue to be no ERP charges at all gantries.

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