9.6km of New Cycling Paths in Taman Jurong and Tampines

News Releases 30 Oct 2021 cycling paths active mobility

Infrastructural enhancements for safer and more convenient active commutes


    Active mobility device users can look forward to an additional 9.6km of cycling paths in the coming months. With the upcoming launches of new paths in Taman Jurong and Tampines, the total length of the cycling paths across Singapore will increase to around 500km. These new cycling paths enhance connectivity within and between towns, bringing greater convenience and improved path safety for residents.


2.  Under our Islandwide Cycling Network programme (ICN), LTA is accelerating the expansion of cycling paths to 1,300km by 2030, and new cycling paths are also being progressively built and completed in other towns[1], enabling greener and healthier commutes.


Seamless connections within Taman Jurong


3.  With the launch of a new 5.6km stretch today, LTA would have implemented a total of 10km cycling paths, along almost every main road in Taman Jurong. This would enable residents to cycle safely and conveniently to nearby transport nodes, including Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT stations, as well as schools and amenities.


4.  The paths also connect residents to the 15km cycling path network and park connectors at Jurong Lake District, allowing them to cycle to the amenities in Jurong East in less than 30 minutes.


Improving safety through infrastructure upgrades


5.  As Taman Jurong is a mature town with many open roadside drains beside footpaths, LTA collaborated with PUB to reconstruct open drains to covered box drains, thereby creating space for cycling paths on top of the drains. In addition, LTA has created bypass paths behind bus stops, so as to allow for safer interactions between cyclists and commuters. The older cycling paths in Taman Jurong have also been upgraded to the latest cycling path standards and marked with a distinctive red coating for better clarity and segregation with footpaths.


6.  To familiarise residents with the cycling path network, a new map board will be installed near Taman Jurong Shopping Centre by the end of the year. The map board will highlight the cycling path routes and key amenities within walking and cycling distance.


Better connectivity to amenities and green community spaces in Tampines


7.  LTA will launch another 4km of new cycling paths in Tampines along Tampines Avenue 1, 4, 5 and 8 within the next few months. With this, LTA would have implemented a total of 14km of cycling paths within the town.


8.  The new cycling paths will provide residents direct connectivity from their homes and schools to key amenities such as the Tampines West MRT station, Our Tampines Hub, and green community spaces such as the Tampines Central Park and Tampines Green Forest Park.


Improving the cycling experience


9.  Five pedestrian crossings along cycling routes have been widened to enhance safety for both pedestrians and cyclists. Coupled with the existing 19 bicycle crossings, cyclists can enjoy a safer and seamless cycling experience in Tampines. Improvement works were also carried out at 13 bus stops to create space for cycling paths behind these bus stops, thereby improving the safety of both cyclists and commuters. To facilitate wayfinding, map boards will be installed at the junctions of Tampines Avenue 5 and 8; and the junctions of Tampines Avenue 8 and 1.  LTA will continue to work with other agencies to expand the Tampines cycling path network.


10. Cyclists can plan their route on the MyTransport.SG mobile application which provides information on all the cycling paths around Singapore, including the new paths in Taman Jurong and Tampines.


Safety enhancements on footpaths


11. Even as LTA expands the dedicated cycling paths under the Islandwide Cycling Network, infrastructure efforts are underway to further enhance safety on footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists. To improve path safety near bus stops, LTA will progressively implement safety enhancements at footpaths such as speed regulating strips, and bypass paths to channel cyclists behind selected bus stops.


12. In addition, LTA will progressively roll out school zone markings on footpaths at over 250 primary, secondary and special education schools. This is based on feedback received that the markings have been effective in alerting pedestrians and cyclists that they are nearing a school and reminding them to keep a look out for cyclists especially when entering or exiting the school gates.


13. In tandem with infrastructural enhancements, LTA will press on with complementary education and outreach efforts to promote safe, responsible and gracious riding. Signs and markings have been placed along our entire cycling path network to remind users to keep to their paths or slow down as they approach crowded areas. Safe riding messages and active mobility rules will be reinforced through regular outreach and publicity campaigns, and in collaboration with our key stakeholders. LTA is also working closely with the community to foster a gracious path sharing culture to create safer journeys for everyone.

Annex A: Photos of active mobility infrastructure in Taman Jurong

Annex B: Maps of the Taman Jurong and Tampines cycling path networks

[1] There are also cycling paths being constructed in Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Bukit Panjang, Sembawang, Toa Payoh and Yishun. Plans to conduct feasibility / engineering studies for cycling path networks in other towns are also underway.

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