Accessibility and smooth flow of vehicles behind traffic design considerations

Media Replies 15 Dec 2022 traffic management

We thank Mr Lee Chee Chee for his suggestions (Make changes to prevent jams and boost traffic flow in Holland Village, Dec 7).

Pick-up and drop-off point locations take into account several factors and the experience of different groups of commuters, such as the physical space constraints at the location, impact on traffic, and ease for pedestrians to access nearby amenities.

Hence, the location of the current pick-up and drop-off point in Lorong Liput, which directly links to the lift to Holland Village MRT station, provides sheltered barrier-free access for commuters.

While the existing zebra crossing is well used by pedestrians, there are sufficient gaps in pedestrian flow for motorists to drive across. We will continue to closely monitor the traffic situation to study if improvements are needed.

Regarding the closed circuit television cameras along Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong that Mr Lee referred to, LTA had deployed them to deter and take enforcement action against illegal parking. These cameras are accompanied by prominent signage advising motorists against illegal parking.

We have alerted the Traffic Police (TP) to Mr Lee’s observations that motorists drive against the flow of traffic, and the TP will take appropriate actions to address these errant driving behaviours.

On Mr Lee’s suggestion that outdoor refreshment areas (ORAs) would make Holland Village a livelier place, agencies have allowed ORAs to be set up within designated areas on the five-foot way and open walkway fronting the restaurants.

However, they are not allowed on the road carriageway as they may obstruct emergency vehicle access during an emergency.

We urge motorists and pedestrians to adhere to traffic rules while sharing our roads for everyone’s safety.

As Holland Village is well served by public transport through the Circle Line and several bus services, we encourage members of the public to consider more environmentally friendly commuting options like taking public transport.

Chandrasekar Palanisamy
Group Director, Traffic and Road Operations
Land Transport Authority

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