Established process in place for helping taxi, private-hire drivers seek redress

Media Replies 29 Sep 2022 fare evasion Public Transport Council (PTC)

We refer to Mr Ng Li Meng’s feedback (Not easy for private-hire drivers to seek redress, Sep 21) on the process to report cases of fare evasion.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Public Transport Council (PTC) take cases of fare evasion seriously and we have an established process for assisting drivers. Operators will first attempt to recover the fares on behalf of their drivers, failing which the cases may be referred to LTA and PTC for follow-up. 

Cases of fare evasion vary in complexity. For example, for those where the passengers are unable to be identified, it will be challenging to track them down to recover the unpaid fares. For the case Mr Ng reported, the investigating officer from LTA was able to track the offender and recover the fare. His case was reported to the LTA Call Centre on 7 September 2022. When LTA contacted him on 9 September 2022, Mr Ng indicated that he would like to report the case in person and did not provide case details over the phone. An appointment was arranged for him to provide the details in person  on 12 September 2022. However, the appointment was subsequently cancelled, as the investigation officer managed to obtain the facts of the case from Mr Ng via phone. Restitution was made to Mr Ng on 19 September 2022 following our investigations.  

For drivers who come across any fare evasion cases, we stand ready to assist. Non-payment of street-hail or ride-hail fares is an offence under the PTC Act. A person guilty of an offence is liable on conviction either to a fine not exceeding $1,000 and where the person is a repeat offender, to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both. Prosecution action may be taken against offenders and particularly, those who refuse to make restitution of the unpaid fare.

Lim Siong Tiong (Mr)  
Deputy Group Director, Public Transport  
Land Transport Authority  

Angela Khoo (Ms)
Director, Policy & Regulation
Public Transport Council

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