Retrofitting lifts on pedestrian overhead bridges not straightforward

Media Replies 18 Jan 2023 pedestrian overhead bridge (POB) POB lifts

Retrofitting lifts on pedestrian overhead bridges not straightforward

We refer to Mr Zhang Wei Chang’s letter (Pedestrian bridges that fail to serve senior citizens, 10 January 2023).

Zebra-crossings or signalised pedestrians crossings are built to provide barrier-free access and convenience for seniors, families with strollers and persons with disabilities. In addition, the installation of lifts at pedestrian overhead bridges (POBs) is one of the ways we are enhancing commuter infrastructure to build a convenient, well-connected and inclusive land transport system for all.

All new POBs built by LTA after 2018 are installed with lifts, to provide barrier-free access. For existing POBs, besides the construction of lift shafts and provision of lift cars, LTA will also need to conduct site investigations, work out site-specific design adjustments and carry out underground utilities diversions. This works out to up to $3 million to retrofit and install a pair of lifts at existing POBs, and maintenance costs of about $45,000 a year.

Given the costs involved, and as LTA manages nearly 600 POBs across the island, lift retrofitting is currently prioritised at locations near public transport nodes and healthcare institutions that will benefit large numbers of seniors and commuters with mobility challenges.

As of December 2022, 77 POBs have been progressively retrofitted with lifts. Another 30 more will be retrofitted over the next two years. We will also be conducting feasibility studies at another 250 POB locations. The eventual number of POBs, their locations and project timeline for this undertaking can only be confirmed after the studies are completed.

LTA will continue to provide barrier-free options for pedestrians to cross the road safely as we enhance our commuter infrastructure. We would also like to remind pedestrians to use proper pedestrian crossings for the safety of all road users.

Ho Pui Ming
Deputy Group Director, Infrastructure Design & Engineering (Design Development)
Land Transport Authority

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