Weight and other rules to ensure safety

Media Replies 16 Sep 2023 active mobility personal assisted bicycle

We thank Mr Lim Chiew Sen and Mr Cho Shao Ming for their letters on 11 September, and for reiterating the importance of safety as we promote active mobility.

Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs) are required to comply with a range of technical requirements before they can be used on cycling paths and roads in Singapore. These include having a maximum unladen weight of 20kg, a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h, certification to the EN15194 standard, type approval and registration with LTA. These requirements were put in place to ensure safety for all path and road users.

The 20kg unladen weight limit, includes the weight of the bicycle and all equipment and accessories affixed, bolted or screwed onto the bicycle but excludes accessories which can be easily removed.

Cyclists must follow certain requirements for safety reasons. For instance, front white lights and rear red lights/reflectors are compulsory when riding PABs at night for increased visibility. We will continue to review our requirements regularly to enhance safety and keep pace with an evolving active mobility landscape.  

We share Mr Cho’s views on the importance of public education. LTA runs regular public educational campaigns and outreach activities in schools and the community. PAB users, who must be 16 years old and above, are required to pass a mandatory theory test before they can ride on cycling paths and roads, to ensure that they are familiar with active mobility rules, code of conduct and safe riding practices. We will press on with our public education and outreach efforts, working with partners and stakeholders. Schools interested in partnering LTA to promote safe riding practices among students or members of the public who want to volunteer as an Active Mobility Community Ambassador may also approach LTA for information.

We thank Mr Lim and Mr Cho for their feedback.


Chan Boon Fui
Group Director, Active Mobility Group
Land Transport Authority

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