Corporate Sustainability

Key Sector Initiatives for Land Transport

In October 2022, Singapore announced our plans to raise the national climate target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 as part of our Long-Term Low-Emissions Development Strategy. The transition to net zero demands ambitious and collective action from the land transport sector, which is the third largest carbon emitter in Singapore after the energy and industry sectors. 

Over the years, LTA has taken significant steps to build an efficient and sustainable land transport system. Policies on car ownership and usage have been progressively introduced, alongside heavy investments in public transport and active mobility to promote Walk, Cycle, Ride (WCR) as the mode of choice for transport. As a result of these moves and our efforts to drive electric vehicle adoption, land transport emissions peaked in 2016. Aligned with Singapore’s net zero ambitions, LTA aims to significantly reduce land transport emissions in absolute terms.

The Singapore Green Plan 2030, a national roadmap towards sustainable development and net-zero emissions, sets out supporting ambitious targets such as 75% mass public transport peak mode share by 2030 and for all new car registrations to be of cleaner-energy models from 2030. The Land Transport Master Plan 2040, which charts out long-term vision, policies and targets that shape the land transport system, also lays out targets for nine in ten peak period journeys to be WCR by 2040 and a 100% cleaner-energy public bus fleet by 2040.

While LTA continues to build on past foundations such as maintaining a zero vehicle growth rate and implementing forward-looking masterplans to create an inclusive and accessible public transport network, concerted and holistic efforts are needed to accelerate decarbonisation.

Six Key Green Strategies

LTA has identified six key green strategies to move us towards a greener and more sustainable land transport ecosystem. Collectively, they support our Whole-of-Nation sustainability goals, drive emission reduction efforts within the land transport sector, and contribute towards other sustainability areas such as green financing.

six key green strategies

LTA's first Sustainability Report (PDF 6.7MB) was launched in December 2023, laying the foundation for a transparent and accountable approach towards greening our land transport. This report covers LTA’s performance and progress for various Economic, Environment, Social and Governance topics, organised along three key pillars.


overview of pillars

Here are LTA's performance highlights for FY2022. We will continue to measure and report our progress in annual sustainability reports.

performance highlights of FY2022
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