Train Fares & Travel Cards

All train and bus journeys can be paid for using cash, contactless stored value cards as well as Mastercard® or Visa contactless credit and debit cards. 



Whether by bus or train, the distance fare scheme means you pay for the distance you travel in a single journey, no more, no less.

·         Learn more about distance fares

·         Use the Fare Calculator to check your exact bus and train fares



Adult Contactless Stored Value Card

EZ Link CardsNets Flash Pay

Comes in various modes, the two most common being EZ-Link and Nets FlashPay. You can buy this from any Ticket Office or Passenger Service Centre, and top-up via:

·         General Ticketing Machines

·         Add Value Machine Plus

·         TransitLink Ticket Office

·         AXS Stations

·         DBS/POSB/OCBC Automatic Teller Machines

·         7-Eleven stores

·         SingPost outlets


Discounts on travel fare

Concession Card Logo

Adults, Children, Students, Senior Citizens, National Servicemen, Persons with Disabilities and Workfare Income Supplement recipients can use their respective concession cards to enjoy fare discounts.

Find out more about these concession cards and its benefits


SimplyGo with Mastercard® AND VISA


Commuters can now pay for their bus and train fares with Mastercard® or Visa contactless credit and debit cards. There will be no need for upfront top-ups and your train and bus fares will be consolidated, processed and charged to your credit / debit card bill.

Commuters who use SimplyGo with contactless bank cards issued locally will be charged the same fares as those who currently use contactless stored value cards (i.e. EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay cards). An admin fee will be payable for commuters who use foreign contactless bank cards.

For Mastercard® contactless bank cards, fare charges will be accumulated for up to 5 days or after a total of $15 is spent on transit fares, whichever is earlier. For Visa contactless bank cards, fare charges will be accumulated daily. To view the details of your trips and fare charges, you need to register an account with TransitLink SimplyGo. Charges for public transport rides will be reflected in the commuters’ credit or debit card bills similar to retail transactions.

Please take out the card you intend to use so that you present only one contactless card (e.g. Mastercard®, Visa, EZ-Link and NETS Flashpay) when using the transit system. You may encounter card clash or duplicate charges when you tap with your wallet containing multiple cards. Please visit for more information.


Standard Ticket

Standard Ticket

Can only be used on MRT and LRT rides for both single and return trips. It can be used up to six times within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The purchase price includes a deposit of 10 cents and this is automatically refunded on the travel fare of the third trip. A user also enjoys a 10-cent discount on the sixth trip.


Take out your card and tap

Tap Card

It is good practice to take out your travel card to tap when commuting. This will ensure quicker entry/exit at MRT station and on board buses.

The reason is to prevent ‘card clash’— multiple cards detected at MRT fare gates and card readers on buses. As a result, the fare gates and card readers cannot discern which card you would like to use for your commute.

This happens when you place a few travel cards together in the same wallet (e.g. ez-link, NETS FlashPay, EMV-chipped credit/debit cards etc.).  

Some scenarios where a card clash may occur:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

2 or more travel cards (ez-link, NETS FlashPay etc.) are placed together in the same wallet and tapped on the MRT fare gate/card reader on buses.

More than 1 EMV-chipped contactless credit/debit card are housed in the same wallet and tapped on the MRT fare gate/card reader on buses.

Multiple Cards (EMV-chipped credit/ debit card, ez-link, NETS FlashPay etc.) are housed in the same wallet and tapped on the MRT fare gate/card reader on buses.

Singapore Tourist Pass

The Singapore Tourist Pass

See Singapore like the locals with all-day unlimited travel on rail and regular bus services.

Children travel free!

Children below 0.9m in height and accompanied by a fee-paying commuter travel for free on trains and buses.

Making a claim?

If there is an error in your fare, submit a Transit Link claim form.