Getting a Ride

There are many ways to get from door to door, via taxis or private hire cars. Both can be booked through apps or by calling, while taxis can also be street hailed along roads or at a designated taxi stands or taxi.

Taxi fares are calculated based on distance and surcharges may apply.

A passenger boarding onto a taxi at a designated taxi stand

Along the Roads

If you are outside the Central Business District (CBD), you may hail a taxi along the road or at a designated taxi stand or taxi stop.

Note that taxis cannot stop to pick up or alight passengers in these zones:

  • Bus lanes during operating hours
  • Bus stops
  • Lanes with double zig zag lines
Areas where taxis are not allowed to pick up or alight passengers

Within the CBD, taxis must adhere to the bus lane scheme. Taxis are not allowed to pick-up or drop-off passengers on roads with bus lanes during bus lane operation hours. For safety reasons, taxis must not stop at specific roads (such as Finlayson Green, High Street, Orchard Link and Esplanade Drive). View the full list of CBD taxi stands and roads with bus lane and other restrictions (PDF, 7.2MB).

At Designated Locations

An example of a taxi stand signage

The safest way to hail a taxi or alight from one is to do so at designated taxi stands or taxi stops and driveways of buildings.

To identify an LTA-designated taxi stand or taxi stop, look for this sign.

To search for a taxi stand or taxi stop in your area, download the app.

LTA’s common taxi number 6-DIAL-CAB (6342 5222) will direct your call to one of seven taxi operators. You can also call the taxi operators directly, or use their apps:

Comfort Delgro

6552 1111
iOS | Android


6258 8888


6363 6888

Prime Taxi

6778 0808


6555 8888
iOS | Android


6555 3333
iOS | Android

booking fee of between $2.30 and $4.50 is applicable for this service depending on the booking time and taxi company.

You may also book a taxi via the following companies: 

TADA (1)
GoJek (002)

Boon Lay Garden Radio Taxi Services - 6261 4774

Islandlink Limousines & Cabs - 6100 3132

Taman Jurong Radiophone Taxi Service - 6265 4553

Woodlands Transport Service - 6559 8988

Uncle Teng Limo Transport - 6257 2257



Points to note for private hire car services:

  • You cannot hail a private hire car on the street – you can only hire a ride through a third-party booking service or app.
  • You can identify a private hire car with the “Private Hire” decal.
  • Fares should be shown upfront and mutually agreed upon before the ride starts.
  • You may not board or alight at taxi stands. Use pick-up points or driveways instead.
Private hire car decal

To ensure safety and accountability, LTA regulates the private hire car sector through vocational licences and guidelines. These cars are also legally required to provide booster seats or child restraints for passengers below 1.35m in height (regardless of age).

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