Active Mobility Rules for Retailers

Under the Active Mobility Act 2017, retailers of three-wheeled pedal cycles, recumbents, Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs) and Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs) are required to comply with the following requirements:



Retailers must display the above warning notice(s) for selling active mobility devices (PDF, 599kb). The notice must be no smaller than 29.7cm x 42cm, printed indelibly in colour with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and displayed prominently at or near any point of sale or payment.

It is an offence to display or advertise for sale and/or sell motorised PMDs that are not certified to conform with the UL2272 standards.

If found guilty, the retailer (who is an individual) could face a fine of up to $20,000 and/or imprisonment up to 24 months for the first offence. Please refer to the following links for the list of rules and corresponding penalties applicable for:

The e-scooter inspection regime was introduced in April 2020 to ensure that e-scooters comply with the device criteria for use on public paths.  

There are three categories of inspection under the e-scooter inspection regime:

1) E-scooters registered before 1 April 2020 and self-declared as compliant with the device criteria of weight, width, speed and UL2272 certification would have undergone the Verification Inspection (VI) after receiving LTA’s notification. Owners who failed to send their devices for VI would have their devices automatically deregistered. E-scooters that failed the inspection were also automatically deregistered;

2) From April 2020 onwards, only new e-scooters meant for sale or let for hire by retailers/companies are allowed to be registered with LTA after passing Registration Inspection. 

Registration Inspection: Guide for Retailers with New E-scooters

Procedure for Registration Inspection (RI)

The following flowchart illustrates the step-by-step process when sending in your e-scooter(s) for RI:

Process for sending in your e-scooter for RI

First, please check if the model of your e-scooter is listed by LTA as an UL2272 certified e-scooter model (“UL2272 Model”) in the list of UL2272 Models (PDF, 1MB). Please ensure that every device specification matches completely with the device(s) that you are intending to bring in. If your e-scooter model is found on the list of UL2272 Models, you may proceed to schedule an appointment with the E-scooter Inspection Centres (“EICs”).

You will be required to fill in and e-mail the relevant Registration Inspection application form(s) and supporting document(s) (PDF, 233kB) to the EICs. You may choose your choice of EIC shown in this list (PDF, 15kB). Please note that you may only arrange appointments via email. You should only submit the Registration Inspection application to the EIC after you have ensured that the model of your e-scooter is a UL2272 Model.

If your e-scooter model is not found on the list (i.e. it is not a UL2272 Model), you are required to have the e-scooter model listed as a UL2272 Model by LTA first. This includes any variant models of Recognised Models (for e.g. models that have a different maximum speed, battery capacity and other technical specifications that affect the UL2272 certification).

To do so, please write in to LTA at the following email address with the details as listed out in Table 1 (PDF, 14kB). Please ensure that all required information and documents listed at Table 1 are submitted to facilitate LTA’s assessment.

If LTA acknowledges the model of the e-scooter as being UL2272 certified and lists the model as a UL2272 Model, you may proceed to schedule an inspection with one of the EICs by filling in and e-mailing the relevant Registration Inspection application form(s) and supporting document(s) to the EIC that you wish to have your e-scooter inspected at.

Only e-scooters that have passed the inspection and are certified will be registered by the EICs. The LTA-issued registration mark will be affixed by the personnel at the EICs on the day the e-scooters pass the inspection and retailers are required to fabricate and affix the Identification Mark no later than 3 calendar days after the registration of the device.


Key Documents


3)  Registered e-scooters will be called up for mandatory Periodic Inspection (PI) before the end of every 2 years since their last inspection to ensure that the devices remain compliant with LTA's device criteria for use on public paths. The PI will be paid for by owners. Owners will receive a notification from LTA informing them to bring their e-scooters for inspection at any of the 9 EICs. Owners who fail to send their e-scooters for inspection by the specified deadline will have their e-scooters deregistered. More details can be found on OneMotoring.

The revised EN15194:2017 standard was introduced in 2017. In line with the adoption of standards worldwide, since 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been encouraging PAB retailers to submit PAB models that comply with the EN15194:2017 standard for approval and sealing. The revised standard encompasses additional safety requirements including anti-tampering measures, provision of instructions for use, and measures to safeguard against common hazards arising from device usage, which improves device safety.

Since July 2021, LTA-Authorised Inspection Centres (“AICs”) will only approve, seal and register PABs that comply with the EN15194:2017 standard.

Retailers with queries on the EN15194:2017 standard may write in to

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