Near Miss Reporting

Near-Miss reporting is an important mechanism that organisations should utilise to improve their safety performance. It is also a learning opportunity to close the gaps in the safety management system.

Within LTA’s reporting system, there are two classifications of Near-Misses, mainly the Near-Miss and Near-Miss (Category A)

1.    Near-Miss Definition

  • An event that could have resulted in loss through personal injury or damage to assets.

2.     Near-Miss (Category ‘A’) Definition

  • Near-Miss Category A, recognise serious situations which may result in severe injuries/fatality. An example of Category ‘A’ as below:

           o    Unsafe Practices (Example, Working at height next to an opening without a harness)

           o    Unsafe Conditions (Example, Unprotected opening not barricaded effectively)

Typical Accident Pyramid (DuPont Model)
Typical Accident Pyramid (DuPont Model)


Benefits of Near – Miss Reporting

  • It was observed that the increased number of near-miss reported corresponded with a decrease number of MOM reportable accidents. (As shown below)
Image of LTA Safety Statistics
LTA Safety Statistics
  • It allows identification of potential hazards in work activities and increase workers’ awareness on worksites.

  • Near-Miss reporting enables identification of accident precursors through investigation so that hazards can be rectified immediately and improvements can be made accordingly.

  • It creates better safety ownership outcomes through pro-actively resolving a hazard before any accident occurs, thereby strengthening the safety culture and mind-set in the organisation.
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