Singapore Rail Academy

An initiative of the Land Transport Industry Transformation Map (LT ITM), the Singapore Rail Academy (SGRA) was established on 23 February 2017.  Its vision is to uplift the capability development for rail engineering, operations and maintenance. Its mission is to:

  • Build and deepen workforce competency in rail engineering, operations and maintenance through training programmes.
  • Ensure the quality of training and proficiency of rail engineers and technicians through accreditation and certification
  • Provide industry schemes to build up industry ready pipeline and upgrading opportunities for the industry.
  • Collaborate with research institutes, institutes of higher learning (IHLs) and industry partners to advance technical know-how and benchmarking.

SGRA  collaborates with rail operators, education institutions and other key industry partners to:

  • Skill, up-skill and re-skill rail engineers and technicians
  • Be a focal point for accreditation and certification of proficiencies for rail professionals
  • Conduct applied research and technology trials with Research Institutes, IHLs and industry partners
  • Build a positive brand for the rail sector and uplift the image of the rail sector
  1. Programmes: To design, develop and deliver competency-based training programmes aligned to the Singapore Skills Framework (SSF).
  2. Standards: To accredit training programmes and certify the proficiency of rail engineers and technicians.
  3. Scheme: To develop and implement industry schemes to build up industry ready pipeline and provide upgrading opportunities for the industry.
  4. Railway research: To drive applied research and technology application in rail engineering to improve reliability, productivity and safety. 
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