ERP 2.0 On-Board Unit Installation Extended to New Vehicles and Existing Motorcycles from 1 May 2024

News Releases 28 Mar 2024 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) On-Board Unit (OBU) ERP

             The installation of the ERP 2.0 system’s on-board unit (OBU) in fleet vehicles is progressing as scheduled. Over 13,000 vehicles have been fitted with OBUs since November 2023. From 13 February 2024, OBU installation has also commenced for new motorcycles. During this time, authorised installers have ramped up their installation operations. LTA has also made refinements to address feedback from early adopters.

2.          The next installation phase, involving all other new vehicles and existing local motorcycles, will commence from 1 May 2024.

New Vehicles will be Installed with the OBU

3.          All new vehicles registered on or from 1 May 2024 will come pre-fitted with the OBU. Authorised motor distributors/ dealers (AMDs) will liaise with prospective buyers on finalising their installation options such as the placement of the processing unit, and whether to install the touchscreen display.

Installation in Existing Vehicles to Proceed in Stages, Starting with Motorcycles

4.          Existing local motorcycle owners will be progressively notified of their OBU installation via letter, email or SMS from LTA, from 1 May 2024. Owners can then make an appointment with their preferred workshop following the steps outlined in Annex A. Each notification will also include a brochure with detailed instructions on the appointment booking process and features of the OBU.

5.          Installation of the new OBU will be free for all motorcycle owners but has to be completed within the stipulated two-month period. Motorcycle owners who do not install their OBU within the stipulated period will be charged a subsidised installation fee of $35.

6.          On the day of installation, the motorcycle owner (or designated representative) only needs to bring the motorcycle to the selected workshop. No additional documents are required. Installation times may vary, and motorists can check with workshops on the day of installation. After installation, owners will be briefed by the workshop on the OBU and its features and given an introductory e-brochure (

7.          Owners of other existing local vehicles will be progressively notified for installation later this year. More details will be provided in due course. We welcome motorists to install early and those who wish to do so can call LTA Call Assist Service (6377-2255) for assistance. Motorists can also contact their preferred authorised workshop directly if they wish to schedule their installation together with their regular servicing appointment.

Smooth Transition to OBU for All Motorists

8.          The OBU comes with a five-year warranty. It is compatible with all existing ERP and parking gantries. As the OBU number will be the same as the IU number, details such as season parking information will be ported over automatically.

9.          Motorists can pay their ERP charges[1] with valid CEPAS cards, such as the NETS FlashPay/Motoring Card and EZ-Link Motoring Card. To avoid the need for manual top ups, motorists are encouraged to sign up for NETS auto top-up option.

10.         If motorists encounter any issues with the OBU, they can contact their respective AMD or workshop that carried out the installation, drop by an authorised OBU Inspection Centre[2], or call the ERP 2.0 Call Assist Service (6377-2255).

Road-Safety Notifications & Motorist-Friendly Features

11.         The ERP 2.0 system will provide information to motorists such as road safety alerts, presence of School Zones, Silver Zones, bus lanes nearby. The OBU will also have features such as a button on the touchscreen display to temporarily deactivate the CEPAS card – drivers with complimentary parking tickets will therefore not need to remove the CEPAS card from the processing unit. This was developed in response to feedback from early adopters of the OBU. LTA will consider the development of further features for ERP 2.0 based on the feedback of motorists.

12.         A summary of the ongoing installation exercise can be found in Annex B. For more information on ERP 2.0 and the OBU installation exercise, please visit (information page).

About ERP 2.0 and OBU

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based ERP 2.0 system will replace the existing ERP system that has been operating for over 25 years and is reaching the end of its operational life. Under ERP 2.0, the current in-vehicle unit (IU) will be replaced with the new OBU, which comprises three components – a processing unit, an antenna, and a touchscreen display. Motorists can choose to install all three components, which would give them access to the full suite of functionalities or opt out of the touchscreen display and receive key information through compatible mobile applications. For motorcycles, these three components are integrated into a single-piece OBU.

When fully implemented, ERP 2.0 will remove the need to rely on physical gantries, which take up space and are costly to maintain. The system’s GNSS capabilities will also provide better aggregate-level data to improve congestion management and transport planning.

Annex A:  Process for Booking an Appointment Online
Annex B:  Summary of Ongoing Installation Exercise

[1] Backend payment options offered by NETS or EZ-Link Motoring Service allow motorists to pay for ERP without the need for any card in their OBU. However, as this option is not yet supported in all car parks, motorists are advised to keep a spare card on hand to pay for parking.

[2] Visit for the list of authorised OBU Inspection Centres.

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