North-South Corridor

Cross section of the NSC with NSC tunnel and surface streets

The North-South Corridor (NSC) is a multi-modal transportation corridor that will enhance connectivity from the northern region to the city, serving towns such as Sembawang, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Novena and Rochor. It will help to relieve traffic along Singapore’s north-south transportation axis and support new developments along the corridor. 

Originally conceived as the North South Expressway (NSE), the project was reimagined to become the NSC in 2016 to enhance the Walk-Cycle-Ride (WCR) experience, and now comprises the NSC Expressway (Viaduct and Tunnel) and the NSC surface streets. With vehicular traffic diverted to the NSC viaduct and tunnel, surface streets can be used for wider footpaths, cycling paths, bus priority measures, as well as more communal and green spaces.

The NSC is expected to be completed in phases from 2027. We target to open the viaduct portion of the NSC from Admiralty Road West to Lentor Avenue in 2027; and the rest, comprising a road tunnel from Lentor Avenue to East Coast Parkway (ECP), in 2029. The surface streets will then be repurposed to prioritise walking, cycling, public transport, and community spaces.

The stretch of the NSC north of SLE would be a viaduct, while the stretch south of SLE would be a tunnel

Refer to Annex A - NSC Viaduct Ramps (PDF, 1MB) and Annex B - NSC Tunnel Ramps (PDF, 1.3MB) for the locations of the NSC Viaduct and Tunnel ramps respectively (ramp configuration subject to detailed design).

Redefining Your Journey!

The NSC supports LTA’s car-lite vision by transforming the surface streets to encourage Walk-Cycle-Ride (WCR) modes. By creating friendlier streets with dedicated spaces for WCR users and more green spaces, journeys along the NSC will be healthier, more active, and more enjoyable.

A surface street with bus lane along the NSC
Continuous bus lanes and bus priority measures for faster bus journeys.
A surface street along the NSC with more space for walking, cycling and buses
More space for those who Walk-Cycle-Ride.  
Footpath and cycling path along the NSC
Cycling trunk route for a healthier commuting experience.
Green space located along the NSC.
More green spaces along the corridor.

Transforming how you live and play!

More than just a corridor for commuting, the NSC will feature pedestrianised nodes that serve as gateways to adjacent developments, and provide spaces for events, family gatherings or for you to just relax and watch the world go by!

A pedestrianised space along the NSC with footpath, cycling path and community spaces.
Pedestrianised spaces to bring communities together.
A playground along the NSC
Nodes along the NSC will become gateways to neighbourhoods and amenities.

Let’s Co-create the NSC together!

The NSC is a unique opportunity to transform our streets into places that are more pleasant, more friendly, and more accessible for WCR users. LTA has conducted a series of Visioning Workshops for the public to share what they want to see on our NSC surface streets.  Preliminary ideas proposed include making these public spaces more conducive and convenient for walking and cycling, having more shaded areas, greenery and landscaping features to remake them as sanctuaries for rest, relaxation and community activities.

Key Themes from the NSC Visioning Workshops

Group discussion with residents and interest groups from various towns along the NSC
Group discussion with residents and interest groups from various towns along the NSC
Sharing about the NSC with workshop participants
Photos from the NSC Visioning Workshops
A Master Plan for the NSC

LTA launched a Request for Proposal (RFP) on 30 October 2023 to develop a Master Plan for NSC’s surface streets that will effectively maximise the mobility and placemaking potential of the repurposed spaces. This includes incorporating bus priority measures on roads, planning for enhanced walking and cycling experiences, as well as designing public spaces that better serve the needs of locals and visitors along the Corridor. The Master Plan will also include a design guide for any future developments along the Corridor.

Stay tuned for more updates on the NSC Master Plan RFP! Share your thoughts with us on the NSC by using this survey link.

nsc survey

News Releases 

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