Road Repurposing

Enhancing Active Mobility and Safety in Your Neighbourhoods

As part of the Land Transport Masterplan 2040 (LTMP2040), LTA is working towards a more inclusive land transport system and more pleasant, welcoming and safer streets.

LTA is studying how Singapore’s road infrastructure can better support walking and cycling in neighbourhood centres, so as to create a more liveable and inclusive environment for all. As part of this, possible locations where part of the road can be pedestrianised or converted to create wider footpaths or cycling paths is being explored. A pedestrianised street is similar to a very wide footpath, whereby the road is closed off to vehicles and reserved for pedestrians, bicycles, non-motorised Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), and Personal Mobility Aids (PMA). In some instances, where it is safe and feasible to do so, the repurposed roads may also be used for community activities. Features may also be added to prioritise public transport or to improve its accessibility and connectivity.

Some of these projects will be implemented in two phases to give the public time to experience these changes. In Phase 1, segments of certain roads will be temporarily closed off or narrowed for about 6 months for commuters to experience and adapt to the proposed scheme. This approach allows LTA to gather feedback and suggestions from the community, so that we may then co-deliver a permanent solution that best meets the community’s needs. Where possible, adjustments have been or will be made to the scheme before it is permanently changed in Phase 2.

We believe that feedback from the community is important in creating a safer and more inclusive transport environment for all. LTA welcomes you to provide your feedback through our regular feedback channel at  More projects will be announced progressively.

Dr 71
Dr 63

Artist's impression of the reimagined Woodlands Ring Road

Creating safer and more pleasant streets to key amenities and transport nodes

The pedestrianisation of Woodlands Ring Road (between Woodlands Drive 71 and Drive 63) is intended to provide a safer and more seamless walking connection for residents to Kampung Admiralty and Admiralty MRT station. With the widened footpaths and the new covered linkways, pedestrians and cyclists of all ages can walk and cycle more conveniently, safely and comfortably as they make their way to their neighbourhood centre.



Location Map

Phase 1– Pedestrianisation of Woodlands Ring Road (Westbound) with bus-only road (Eastbound) (February - August 2021)

In Feb 2021, the lane along Woodlands Ring Road (between Woodlands Drive 71 and Woodlands Drive 63) opposite Kampung Admiralty was closed off from vehicles using barriers. This created a pedestrianised street which enhanced pedestrian safety and offered seamless connectivity for residents of all ages to and from Kampung Admiralty, Admiralty MRT station and the surrounding residential blocks.

The lane nearer to Kampung Admiralty was converted into a bus-only road. Bus services 901M and 912/912A remained unaffected, and commuters who use these bus services benefited from a smoother and faster journey via the bus-only road.

Phase 2 –Transition to Permanent Infrastructure (from August 2021)

LTA had taken in feedback from the local community throughout Phase 1, through online surveys, door-to-door engagement sessions and a Focus Group Discussion. The feedback and insights from the local community were taken into account to shape the permanent infrastructure.

The lane along Woodlands Ring Road (between Woodlands Drive 71 and Woodlands Drive 63) nearer to Kampung Admiralty will be permanently pedestrianised. Residents will be able to make their way more comfortably to their neighbourhood centre using the new covered linkways  and cycling path.

A new bus stop will be situated along this pedestrianized stretch which will provide residents with more convenient and direct accessibility to existing bus services 901M and 912/A, enhancing their connectivity to en-route amenities and schools.

In response to community feedback and suggestions, the lane opposite Kampung Admiralty will be open to both buses and private vehicles to travel in the eastbound direction along Woodlands Ring Road from Woodlands Drive 71 to Woodlands Drive 63.

Works to permanently repurpose road space will begin in August 2021.

Artist's impression of the reimagined Havelock Road

Artist's Impression of the reimagined Havelock Road

Creating a safer and more pleasant pedestrian experience

The widening of the footpath in front of the row of shophouses along Havelock Road (between 715 Havelock Road and 745 Havelock Road) is intended to provide a safer and more comfortable walking experience for all residents and visitors to the area. With the widened footpath, pedestrians and cyclists can more conveniently and safely make their way around the Beo Crescent neighbourhood centre. 

Phase 1 – Removal of roadside parking lots along Havelock Road (March – September 2021)

Under Phase 1, roadside parking was removed, and barriers were used to create a wider footpath. The widened footpath provided a more comfortable walking experience for residents and visitors, as they walk past, browse, or wait in front of the shophouses. It also improved connectivity through the various residential and commercial sections along Havelock Road. 

Ample parking is available in the opposite and adjacent multi-story public car parks, located at Blocks 44A, 28A and 51, which are sheltered and convenient to use. The lower traffic environment resulted in a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone. 

Location Map

Location Map

Phase 2 – Transition to Permanent Infrastructure (From September 2021)

LTA received feedback from the local community throughout Phase 1, through online surveys and engagement sessions with stakeholders. The proposal was welcomed  by the local community, and their feedback and insights have been taken into account, including the provision of barrier-free access. 

LTA will commence works to permanently widen the footpath from September 2021. Residents will be able to walk more comfortably to the shophouses with the widened walkway. 


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