Bus Priority Schemes

For faster and smoother journeys, LTA has several initiatives to make buses a priority on roads.

Bus priority box

Bus priority box: Bus priority box allows buses to exit the bus bays with minimal delays. White markings with the word "Bus" and a triangle indicate that there is a bus priority box just ahead.

Bus lanes

Bus lanes: The scheme that gives buses priority on our roads for a faster and smoother journey for our bus commuters.

Operation hours for normal and full-day bus lane schemes


 Normal Bus Lanes

 Full-Day Bus Lanes

 Monday - Friday

 7:30am – 9:30am
 5pm – 8pm

 7:30am – 11pm


 Not applicable

 7:30am – 11pm

 Sundays and Public Holidays

 Not applicable

 Not applicable

Using the bus lane during operating hours is illegal for all vehicles, except for:

  • Bicycles in single file
  • Emergency service vehicles and police vehicles on urgent duty call
  • Non-scheduled buses

Non-scheduled buses, such as school buses and factory buses, can drive in the bus lane, but they cannot stop, pick up or drop off passengers along the bus lane.

When you need to make a turn, you may use the dotted bus lane.

Traffic light enhancements:
Signal priority is given for buses at traffic light junctions by providing them with a head start. This helps to facilitate buses to right turn at downstream junction.

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