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Weaving into the heartlands, business hubs and tourist attractions, buses bring you closer to your destination. They are one of the most convenient and accessible modes of public transport in Singapore.

Public bus services are operated by four operators under LTA’s Bus Contracting Model. LTA issues licences to both public and private bus operators to operate bus services and regulates bus advertising.

Types of Bus Services

Trunk Bus Services: These are the backbone of the public bus network, plying longer routes that take you from one neighbourhood to another, or into the various parts of town.

Feeder Bus Services: These offer transfers from MRT stations and bus interchanges to surrounding housing estates and industrial areas. It also connects you to various neighbourhoods within the same estate.

Plan your route and view the buses that serve you on the MyTransport.SG app (iOS | Android)

Premium Bus Services typically ply between major residential estates and key industrial/ commercial nodes such as the Central Business District (CBD) or Industrial/ Business Parks during the peak hours. Designed to ease the rush-hour crowd, Premium Bus Services charge a premium fare but offer a more direct connection as compared to existing public transport options. Premium Bus Services are operated by private bus operators based on commercial consideration. 

You can view more details of Premium Bus Services on the MyTransport.SG app (iOS | Android)

City Direct Services operate between major residential estates and the Central Business District (CBD) during the peak hours on weekdays. City Direct services provide commuters with an alternative to the existing public transport connections to the CBD. 

Find a City Direct Service near you on the MyTransport.SG app (iOS | Android)

The NightRider and Nite Owl Bus services are late-night bus services operated by SMRT Buses Ltd and SBS Transit Ltd respectively. These services operate one way, from the city to major residential estates. They operate from about midnight to 2am on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays.

Look up a night bus service to take you home on the MyTransport.SG app (iOS | Android)

Shuttle Bus Services are also operated to cater to specific transport needs, such as connecting to places of interest, tourist attractions, commercial or retail centres and medical institutions. Shuttle Bus Services are typically operated by private bus operators, which are operated as either a fare-collecting or a free shuttle service.

MyTransport.SG app (iOS | Android) has an updated list of the most used Shuttle Bus Services.

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