Transport Infrastructure Design Criteria & Specifications

The Transport Infrastructure Design Criteria and Specifications set out the criteria and requirements for design of Land Transport Infrastructure.  Land Transport Infrastructure comprises roads, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, stations, depots, interchanges and shelters.

Design Criteria

Infrastructure Design Criteria (Revision A1, 2022)

The Infrastructure Design Criteria* (IDC) defines the criteria and parameters for design and construction of Land Transport Facilities for the Land Transport Authority. 

*Some chapters and annexes of the IDC are not available for download. The full IDC will only be issued to parties contracted with LTA.

For feedback on the IDC, please email

Civil Design Criteria (Revision A2, 2019)

The Civil Design Criteria (CDC) contains requirements for the design and detailing of all Civil Engineering Works for the Land Transport Authority.

For feedback on the CDC, please email

Standard Details of Road Elements (Revision E, 2022)

The SDRE sets standards and guidelines for common road elements such as drains, kerbs and pavements as a reference for road construction.

*Note: The updated SDRE (Revision F - APR 2024) will take effect from 1 August 2024. The existing version of the SDRE (Revision E – APR 2022) will no longer be available online from 1 August 2024.

J-walk Guidelines

The J-walk Guidelines set the guidelines for Wayfinding Signage across the Jurong Lake District 2nd Storey Pedestrian Network.

Material & Workmanship Specifications

The Materials & Workmanship Specifications define the basic standards for the quality of materials and workmanship required by the Land Transport Authority for architectural, civil and structural works.

Materials & Workmanship Specifications for Civil & Structural Works (Revision A2, Sep 2020)

For feedback on the Materials and Workmanship Specifications for Civil and Structural Works, please email

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