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The Perks of Pedestrianisation

Posted on | 25 Jun 2021

As city dwellers, we often dream of more vibrant and interesting streetscapes where we can walk, run, cycle and hang out with our friends and family. But is this even possible in an urban landscape? It is, if we are imaginative about repurposing some of our road space for such activities.

Since around the 1990s, our roads have been repurposed to create more accessible spaces and livelier neighbourhoods. And this is gathering steam with some 60 projects identified for road repurposing.

Check out how reimagined streets can add character and invite community activities in our neighbourhoods.

Discovering Arts & Culture

Did you know that in 1998, Albert Street and part of Waterloo Street were turned into a pedestrian mall? Since then, it has been easier to explore and indulge in the various cultural offerings of the area, from visiting historic temples to browsing interesting shops and enjoying arts and cultural activities. In the coming years, pedestrian experience along Waterloo street will be enhanced further with wider footpaths and more greenery along the stretch between Bras Basah Road and Middle Road, making it even more pleasant to explore the area.

In 2014, part of Campbell Lane was converted into a pedestrian street when the Indian Heritage Centre opened. If you’re looking to do some local sightseeing or shop unique wares and souvenirs, check out this lane that now sits at the heart of Little India. During festive times or when community gatherings resume, you can also catch street fairs, performances and outdoor film screenings.

Pedestrian-Friendly Fun around the Civic District - Connect Article

For more about our road repurposing projects and pedestrianised streets, check out this page.

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