The LTMP 2040 is a long-term land transport master plan to shape the future of land transport to 2040, and possibly beyond.



In LTMP 2008 and 2013, we set out our vision for a people-centred land transport system. We promised more connections, better service and a transport system that supports a liveable and inclusive community.

We are on track to achieve our 2030 targets as set out in LTMP 2013:

•        8 in 10 households living within 10 minutes’ walk from a train station;

•        85% of public transport journeys under 20km completed within 60 minutes; and

•        75% of all peak hour journeys made using public transport



Since August 2018, we have received more than 7,000 responses through our public engagement for LTMP 2040. These came from a wide range of stakeholders, including members of the public, academics, the unions, industry players and transport workers. We found that Singaporeans share similar aspirations for our land transport system:

  1. A convenient, connected, and fast land transport system.
  2. More inclusive infrastructure like ramps and lifts, and a sense of shared and individual responsibility in the community. 
  3. Healthier lifestyles, more appealing walking and cycling options, as well as cleaner and quieter roads.

The public engagement report can be found here.

We are deeply grateful to the many Singaporeans who took the time to share their views, comments, and suggestions with us.



The LTMP Advisory Panel has considered the feedback gathered. The Panel envisions healthy and safe 20-minute towns and a 45-minute city for all by 2040. To achieve this, the Panel has made recommendations in three key areas:

  1. Enabling Singaporeans to Enjoy 20-minute towns and a 45-minute city on public, active and shared modes of transport.
  2. Providing transport for all
  3. Promoting healthy lives and safer journeys

The LTMP Advisory Panel’s recommendations report can be found here. The Government has accepted these recommendations and will release a fuller set of measures in due course.