Development & Construction Resources

The resources on this page provide guidance to industry partners on the various requirements of the LTA when preparing plans for seeking clearances for walking and cycling plan, active mobility plan, street work proposals, vehicle parking proposals and rail & road structure protection proposals.

Complementing the existing resource publications, LTA has launched the Quick Guide for Development Proposals Series to facilitate a deeper understanding of specific issues.

The service standard and fees for the various submissions to LTA can be found in the Service Standard & Fees Schedule (PDF, 314kB). You may refer to the Payment Guide and FAQs (PDF, 617kB) for more information.

For project-related enquiries and correspondences outside the CORENET submission system, please fill in the Consultation Request Form (FORM A) (DOC, 99kB) and forward the signed form to the respective officer-in-charge overseeing the development project, with the e-mail carbon copy (cc) to

The contact details of officers overseeing the above proposals can be found at the DBC Officer Search page.

To find out the latest developments in the industry, please refer to the circulars by LTA

LTA continues to strive towards making walking, cycling, and riding public transport a way of life and a means of enhancing liveability in Singapore. To help realise this vision, industry professionals may use the following information to prepare for their active mobility submissions, the following information below will assist with the preparation of the submissions involving active mobility aspects to promote a conducive and safe environment for walking and cycling.

Please refer to the Walking and Cycling Design Guide (14.4MB) for a better appreciation of the different types of active mobility infrastructure.

The Rapid Transit System (RTS) and public roads must be protected from the impact of any construction works carried out in relation to developments in the vicinity. This section sets out the requirements of the Rapid Transit System Act and Street Works Act for the protection of the RTS and public roads.

For purchase of borehole information, please log on to SLA's website.

The roads constructed by land development agencies and the private sector must be designed according to prevailing standards to ensure a safe and pleasant travelling experience for all road users including cyclists and pedestrians. This section sets out the requirement of the Street Works Act (Private Street Regulations) for street works proposals relating to development works. It outlines the essential submission procedures and technical requirements pertaining to the design and construction of street works. 

There are two key considerations a Qualified Person (QP) must take when designing a parking place. The first is the number of parking lot requirement and the second is the layout of the parking place.

The parking place layout should be safe and functional to facilitate smooth and convenient passage for motorists. QPs should design the parking place with this in mind. While the minimum dimensions of a parking place stipulated in the Rules meet the lot and manoeuvring requirements of most vehicles in Singapore, provision in excess of the minimum dimensions may be made to further enhance the layout of the parking place.

This section sets out the criteria and requirements for the design of transport infrastructure. Transport infrastructure comprises roads, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, stations, depots, interchanges and shelters.

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