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A land transport system that is smarter, safer, more responsive and optimised to meet demand.

To support Singapore’s future growth and meet commuter expectations, we harness emerging technology in tandem with developing the land transport workforce and ecosystem. Industry partners and individuals who have played important roles in developing the land transport system are also recognised through the Land Transport Excellence Awards.

This makes for a forward-looking, sustainable and more reliable system for smoother, more comfortable and seamless journeys.

Learn about the various technologies LTA uses to deliver a land transport system that is safe, efficient, reliable and comfortable for commuters and motorists.

Find out how we work with innovators to look for solutions to improve our land transport ecosystem and how your ideas can change our commuting journeys of tomorrow.

The Land Transport Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was first launched in 2018, with a refresh in 2023. The ITM is part of the Industry Transformation Programme, aimed at deepening partnerships between Government, industry, and trade associations. ITMs were developed for 23 sectors as blueprints with key strategies to drive the industries forward.

The Land Transport ITM 2025 aims at strategic outcomes including a sustainable and resilient land transport sector, a future-ready workforce and a reliable and cost-effective transport system through innovation and technology.

Find out more about the Land Transport ITM 2025 (PDF, 3.7MB).

To grow the land transport industry into one that is enabled by technology and develop a highly competent workforce in this sector, LTA has several initiatives that provide funding support and give recognition to industry partners.

Learn about LTA’s Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) policies and practices, as well as information on building and construction work, guidelines for protected areas, licensing regimes for device sharing operators, vehicle parking and more.

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