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From East to West, CRL Trivia to Pique Your Interest!

Posted on | 27 Jan 2023

What can you look forward to with the opening of the Cross Island Line (CRL)? Here are 8 inspiring points (both places and particulars!) about Singapore’s eighth MRT line.

Artist impression of CRL AMK station, Elevated Cycling and Walking Bridge

It may seem like a long way off, but good things are worth waiting for. In the meantime, have a read through these nerdy nuggets about the upcoming CRL.

Points to pique your interest:

❤ It’s the longest fully-underground line

Stretching from Aviation Park in Changi all the way to Jurong Industrial Estate, the CRL will cover more than 50km. It is also the longest in terms of the trains it is designed for—with provision for up to eight cars to cater for the expected higher demand ahead.

❤ It has the largest number of interchange stations

With more nodes, it will be easier than ever to move around Singapore. Almost half of the stations along our eighth line are interchange stations that connect to the North East Line (NEL), North-South & East-West Lines (NSEWL), Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), Downtown Line (DTL) and Punggol LRT line.

❤ It is also going to be the deepest underground line

Our trains usually run 20-30 metres below ground, but some parts of the CRL will tunnel as deep as 70 metres.

❤ It will be easier to connect to your Walk Cycle Ride

Commuters can enjoy greater connectivity for their Walk Cycle Ride journeys, with the CRL’s Bright Hill station linking to a new Transit Priority Corridor (TPC) along Sin Ming Avenue. Stretching for 2km, the TPC will be completed in 2029, providing a seamless multi-modal transfer to the bus and active mobility networks – including a dedicated bus lane, new cycling paths and wider footpaths!

Points to pick for a stop-off:

The CRL will connect residential, industrial and recreational spaces currently not served by an MRT line. Here are four for you to explore:

❤ Defu

You may think of this as just a light industrial estate but Defu is modern and bustling. While the stop caters mainly to workers, foodies in the know will also be glad of an easier way to the hidden gems of restaurants that are tucked along the belt.

❤ Loyang

Sited across from the Loyang industrial estate and the Loyang Bus Depot, this CRL stop promises to alleviate congestion on the roads in the area. A smoother commute is on the cards for working folk, residents and worshippers at the much-visited multi-faith Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple.

❤ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Served by the Teck Ghee station, this park needs little introduction. Singaporeans know it as one of the largest urban parks and home to the largest otter family, which inhabits the meandering river and Pond Gardens. An inclusive playground is among its many family-friendly features.

❤ Changi Beach Park

Whether you are working at the Airport Logistics Park or Changi Airfreight Centre; attending a mega-concert or the Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Centre; or just up for a stroll by the beach and some plane-spotting, this new station will get you to Singapore’s east with ease.

Overcoming Construction Challenges: Did You Know?

Here are some little-known-facts about how we’re overcoming the construction challenges of building the CRL1!

Image of rectangular tunnel boring machine
  • Building CRL1 will be a challenging task, as we’ll need to overcome different kinds of situations and conditions such as height restrictions and challenging soil conditions, constructing under ‘live’ traffic and existing building structures.
  • By leveraging technology to help us out, a rectangular Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) will be used to minimise the inconveniences at Teck Ghee station.
  • TBMs will also help us bore through narrow diaphragm walls by navigating through tight spaces. Precise tunnelling guidance system is used to negotiate tunnelling between piles and pre-determined construction sequence for stations, to minimise any settlement.
Image of a Reverse Circulation Drilling method
  • Thanks to a Reverse Circulation Drilling method, this reduces dust and noise generation during drilling works!
Image of a low headroom mobile crane
  • At sites like Pasir Ris station, we’ll be building underneath an existing track viaduct. Specialised equipment such as a low headroom mobile crane will be used to cater to the height restrictions of the station. Watch this video for the engineering highlights of the CRL Pasir Ris station!

Phase 1 of the CRL (CRL1), from Aviation Park to Bright Hill* is targeted for completion in 2030, and the Punggol Extension and Phase 2 towards Jurong Lake District are on track for 2032.

See you on board then!

*Note: the station names used in this article may be changed.

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