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Making Walk Cycle Ride SG a reality goes beyond infrastructure. All of us need to look out for each other to get around safely. To that end, the Active Mobility Act (AMA), containing a set of rules and code of conduct for cyclists, and riders of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and power-assisted bicycles (PABs), was put in place. The AMA also provides LTA with legislative and enforcement powers to regulate the use of bicycles, PMDs and PABs on public paths, as well as the sale of these devices. Read on to learn more.


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where devices can be used

Code of Conduct When Riding On PathsRestricted Devices and Penalties

1PMDs refer to devices such as kick-scooters, electric scooters, hoverboards, unicycles etc. PMDs have to meet the device criteria of maximum weight of 20kg, maximum width of 70cm and maximum capped speed of 25km/h to be used on public paths. 

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RULES WHEN RIDING ON PATHSRules when riding on paths

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Code of conduct when riding on paths

Code of Conduct When Riding on Paths

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rules when riding on roads

Rules when riding on Roads

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Types of Devices Allowed

Please refer to the list of devices that do not meet the device criteria. The list is not exhaustive and should be used for reference only. Members of the public who are looking to buy PMDs should check that the specifications of the device they wish to purchase comply with the recommended device criteria. 

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Key regulations under the AMA governing retailers on the sale, advertisement and modification of non-compliant devices include:

·         Mandatory requirement to put up warning notices
·         No displaying and advertising of non-compliant devices
·         No selling of PMDs for use on roads
·         No selling of non-compliant devices for use on public paths
·         No altering or modifying of devices to render them non-compliant

Penalties for offences vary, with maximum fine not exceeding $5,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months, or both, for the first offence. For the list of rules and corresponding penalties applicable for PMD and PAB retailers, please refer to [1] and [2] respectively.

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The Active Mobility Act (AMA) was passed in Parliament on 10 January 2017 and has come into effect. The laws were drafted based on the recommendations from the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP).

Click here for the full list of rules.



Active Mobility Act Campaign

AM Act Campaign Poster

These posters and brochures provide details on the rules, code of conduct and penalties under the AMA.

Download posters: 

Download brochures:

Safe Riders Campaign

Safe Riders Campaign Poster

Share the 7 safe riding habits that cyclists and PMD users should observe when riding on paths!

Download 'Safe Riders' poster in English/ChineseMalay/Tamil

Warning Notice for Retailers

Warning Notice for Retailers

PMD and PAB retailers need to display at least one warning notice prominently at or near any point of sale, or any point of payment. The notice must be no smaller than 29.7cm x 42cm, printed indelibly in colour with minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Download the warning notice here.


Active mobility advisory panel

The AMAP was commissioned in July 2015 to develop a clear and consistent set of rules and a code of conduct for the safe and harmonious use of paths.

The Panel is led by Parliamentary Secretary A/Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, and has 16 members representing many key stakeholders, such as seniors, youth, cyclists, motorists, users of Personal Mobility Devices.

The Recommendations on Rules and Code of Conduct for Cycling and the Use of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) submitted to the Government by the AMAP on 17 March 2016 was accepted in full.