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Park and Ride Scheme

Marina Coastal Expressway

Illegal Parking

Park and Ride Scheme


illegal parking

Transport Options for Motorists

Transport Options  for Motorists

Leave your car at home, run on a relaxed schedule and get on public transport.  

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Owning a Vehicle

Owning a Vehicle

Understand the basic elements and costs of owning a car in Singapore.

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Driving in & out of Singapore

Driving In and Out of 

Take note of a few things before driving into and out of Singapore.

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managing traffic & congestion

Managing Traffic & Congestion

Learn how we harness technology to keep our network of roads flowing smoothly.

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Road safety & regulations

Road Safety & Regulations

Here’s how we implement the best and safest solutions for our motorists and pedestrians.

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Modifying your vehicle

Modifying Your Vehicle

Find out more about modifications you can make to your vehicle. 

renting out or hiring a private car

Renting Out or Hiring a Private Car

Drive on our roads even if you don’t own a car through the Private Car Rental Scheme.






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Road Projects


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