Using Steel Slag Aggregate in Construction

Steel Slag Aggregate

We practice environmental responsibility in all our road works. To converse natural material and look for a more sustainable solution, we adopt the use of steel slag aggregate to replace the natural granite aggregates.

Steel slag is our first choice for a number of road construction projects owing to its technical properties, and also because lifetime road maintenance and replacement costs are minimised. In addition, there are significant advantages in using steel slag aggregates such as high skid resistance, better durability and resistance to rutting. The longer life of the road will also cut carbon emissions associated with road replacement and maintenance. We have been using steel slag aggregates since 1990.

Did you know2

Steel slag is a waste product formed during steel making process.  It is a non-metallic ceramic material formed from the reaction of flux such as calcium oxide with the inorganic non-metallic components present in the steel scrap.