Code of Practice on Vehicle Parking Provision in Development Proposals New Icon

Outlines the requirements of parking places and rules for the provision of parking places and spaces. Also cites examples of good practices in the industry.

Circulars for Vehicle Parking

Provides users with the latest developments on vehicle parking places and spaces.

Application for Change of Use and Parking Layout to Existing Developments

Provides users with the form and submission requirements for the proposed addition and alteration of parking places and spaces.

Search for Parking Statistics Application

Provides a search form for parking statistics application.

e-Payment Services

Lists down types of transactions and payment fees for vehicle parking services.


To submit documents/drawings electronically, please log in to the CORENET e-Submission system.

Corenet e Submission

CORENET e-Submission system (eSS) is a G2B (Government to Business) internet-based system that enables industry professionals to submit project related electronic plans and documents to regulatory authorities for approval.

With this System, the public is able to submit electronic plans and documents from their home and offices to different regulatory authorities. In addition, the public is able to track the submission status online at their own convenience.