Our e-Payment Services enable you to make electronic payment using VISA/MasterCard Credit Card for the following transactions:



Formal submission of proposal plans for parking spaces and parking spaces for new erection, amendment to approved plans, additions & alterations or change of use proposals. Carpark Processing Fee: S$10 per 100 sq m(S$0.10 per sq m) of the Gross Floor Area (GFA) involved in the proposal, subject to a minimum of S$120.
Regularisation of Carparks Application Fee: S$70 per application
Application for Amalgamation and Subdivision of Land Application Fee: S$70 per application
Search for Parking Statistics of Approved/Existing Developments Search Fee: S$21.40 per application
Application to waive the direction or requirement on the number of parking spaces to be provided for each proposal or approved development plan Application Fee: S$120 per application
Application per proposal plan or approved development to modify each of the dimensions of Cars, Heavy Vehicles and Motor-Cycle Parking Places tables (For Car Parking Places.pdf) (For Heavy Vehicle Parking Places.pdf) Application Fee: S$80 per item (dimension)/application