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Small Ideas. Big Difference.


Here at LTA, we believe every idea deserves the opportunity to be nurtured to greater heights. Thus in March 2006, the Land Transport Innovation Fund (LTIF) was setup to facilitate innovation and technological advances in Singapore's land transportation arena.

With the announcement of the Land Transport Review, the $50 million Land Transport Innovation Fund (LTIF) will be used to strengthen LTA's collaborative efforts with its local and overseas partners, catalyse Singapore's pursuit of innovation excellence in the delivery of land transport and bring the best ideas together to meet the vision of building an efficient, sustainable and people-centred land transport system.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) encourages its partners and suppliers to come forth with innovative ideas and actively participate in shaping Singapore's land transport development for the future.



LTA is committed to deliver public service innovation by leading initiatives that will promote synergy among academia, industry partners, technology experts and the public sector. Our goal is to promote the spirit of innovation among partners and suppliers of the land transport industry in shaping Singapore's land transport development for the future. The Land Transport Innovation Fund (LTIF) is intended to encourage new research initiatives in land transport by providing funding support for the conceptual stage research and pilot trial, which would result in a more viable and sustainable land transport innovation.



The application must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Proposed project objectives must support LTA's Vision for a people-centred land transport system.
  • Application must be from Singapore-based organisations. This includes Singapore-registered companies, tertiary institutions, research institutions.
  • Applicants will be using Singapore as a base to own, manage and exploit all intellectual property rights developed.
  • Project has not commenced before LTIF application/approval is made.
  • The length of the trial period of the proposed project is capped at a maximum of 1 year, and LTIF will only fund up to maximum 90% per project; the remaining balance will be funded by the applicant.

Note: LTIF does not fund manpower services



LTIF process

Submit a Proposal

Click here to download the application form and submit to Incomplete application forms will not be processed and all applications submitted will be held in the strictest confidence.

Consultation with LTA's expert and Evaluation by LTIF Committee

Upon receipt of your proposal, we would assign a subject matter expert(SME) from LTA who would do a preliminary assessment of your application. If the project is innovative and worth further exploration, our SME will work with you on the application. The application would be routed to the relevant committee (depending on the amount requested for funding) for endorsement and approval. We will inform you on whether a presentation is required for your application.

Release of Result

The outcome of the evaluation is final. You may send an email request to indicating justifications for additional funding. No presentations are required unless the evaluating committee requests for clarifications.

Note: The evaluation process duration varies depending on the complexity of the proposal.



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