Industry Training Grant

Rail Industry Training Grant

Rail industry training grant is currently offered to local rail professionals (i.e. Singapore Citizens and/or Permanent Residents) for participation in short technical training courses centrally offered by the Singapore Rail Academy and Industry Manpower Development division of LTA as well as Institutes of Higher Learning.

Examples of supported courses include:

  • Overview of railway landscape and system in Singapore (2-3 Jun 2016)
  • Introduction to Systems Engineering (5 -6 Sep 2016)


SUBSIDIES FOR ENHANCED Vocational Licence training Programme

Training subsidies are currently offered to local bus captains (i.e. Singapore Citizens and/or Permanent Residents) who have completed the Enhanced Vocational Licence Training Programme (EVLTP) offered by the Singapore Bus Academy (SGBA). The EVLTP is a structured 5-day programme conducted at SGBA for all new bus captains since 31 October 2016, with the objective of setting and raising common standards for bus captains receiving foundational core skills training.