Seed Grant for Programme Development

Seed grant is offered to local Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) for development of industry relevant courses, subject to LTA’s evaluation.

Examples of newly introduced railway engineering courses include:

Category Institute of Higher Learning Railway Engineering Courses Launched in
Pre-Employment training (PET) courses Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Higher NITEC in Rapid Transit Engineering April 2015
Republic Polytehnic (RP) Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management April 2015
Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Diploma in Engineering Systems January 2013
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Masters of Engineering Technology/ Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land) September 2014
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems) September 2015
Bachelor of Engineering in Telematics (Intelligent Transport Systems Engineering) September 2016
Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Diploma in Engineering (Rapid Transit Technology) October 2015
UniSIM Masters in Management (Urban Transportation) September 2015
TUM Asia Masters in Railway Engineering August 2016

January 2013