In land-scarce Singapore, developments often have to be carried out near residential areas and other Noise Sensitive Receivers (NSRs) such as hospitals, schools, etc.

To ensure that our construction works do not affect residents and businesses, noise levels are continuously monitored and kept within the National Environment Agency (NEA) permissible levels.

Contractors must comply with the following noise pollution control requirements:

  • Prior to the commencement of works, contractors are required to carry out a baseline noise survey for one week, on a 24-hour basis, to establish the background noise levels.
  • A Noise Management Plan must be submitted before any construction work is started. The plans must include the baseline noise record, indicate the Noise Sensitive Receivers (NSRs) and proposed mitigation measures and public relation strategies to handle noise matters.
  • Throughout the construction duration, contractors must implement all practicable measures while continuously monitoring the noise levels closely.
  • For effective noise control, the main focus should be on control at source supplemented with control at pathway.


Examples of practicable control measures to mitigate the noise impact are as follows:

  1. Use of noise reduced plants and machineries
    Noise reduced plants and machineries

  2. Enclose noisy plant in an acoustic shed.
    enclose in acoustic shed

  3. Barricade noisy activities with portable noise barriers/panels.

        portable noise barriers/panels

    4.   Erect noise barriers before commencement of works.

    5.   Establish good rapport with the community.