Bus Fares & Ticketing

How do I pay for my bus fare?

You can pay your bus fare with cash, contactless stored value cards as well as Mastercard® or Visa contactless credit and debit cards. 

There are different contactless stored value cards:

EZ Link CardsNets Flash Pay

  • Adult contactless stored value cards (EZ-Link and NETS Flashpay)
  • Concession cards

How do I use my COnTACTLESS STORED VALUE card?

To pay for your bus trip:

  • Just tap your contactless stored value card on the reader when you board the bus and tap it again when you alight. The card reader will show the cost of the journey and the amount left in your card.
  • You may also pay with cash, but no change will be given. Take the bus ticket as proof of receipt when you pay with cash.
  • Visitors to Singapore can use the Singapore Tourist Pass, which offers all-day unlimited travel on MRT and LRT trains, and basic bus services.

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Discounts on travel fare

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Adults, Children, Students, Senior Citizens, National Servicemen, Persons with Disabilities and Workfare Income Supplement recipients can use their respective concession cards to enjoy fare discounts.

Find out more about these concession cards and its benefits


SimplyGo with Mastercard® AND VISA


Commuters can now pay for their bus and train fares with Mastercard® or Visa contactless credit and debit cards. There will be no need for upfront top-ups and your train and bus fares will be consolidated, processed and charged to your credit / debit card bill.

Commuters who use SimplyGo with contactless bank cards issued locally will be charged the same fares as those who currently use contactless stored value cards (i.e. EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay cards). An admin fee will be payable for commuters who use foreign contactless bank cards.

For Mastercard® contactless bank cards, fare charges will be accumulated for up to 5 days or after a total of $15 is spent on transit fares, whichever is earlier. For Visa contactless bank cards, fare charges will be accumulated daily. To view the details of your trips and fare charges, you need to register an account with TransitLink SimplyGo. Charges for public transport rides will be reflected in the commuters’ credit or debit card bills similar to retail transactions.

Please take out the card you intend to use so that you present only one contactless card (e.g. Mastercard®, Visa, EZ-Link and NETS Flashpay) when using the transit system. You may encounter card clash or duplicate charges when you tap with your wallet containing multiple cards. Please visit simplygo.com.sg for more information.

How are bus fares calculated?

Fares are charged based on the total distance travelled (regardless if it is on a bus or train).

This integrated fare structure means there are no additional costs, like boarding charges for every trip. You have the flexibility to transfer to different buses or trains without incurring any fare penalty.

To enjoy more savings from the distance fare scheme, pay for your journey with an EZ-Link/NETS Flashpay contactless stored value card or Mastercard®/ Visa contactless credit and debit cards.

About Distance Fares

  • All journeys must be within 2 hours of the first boarding (on the same journey). 
  • Maximum of 5 transfers can be made within a journey. 
  • Multiple rail transfers allowed with no additional boarding charges. 
  • 45 minutes for transfers between rail station and bus service, or between different bus services. 
  • 15 minutes for transfers between different rail stations. 
  • Current bus service must not be the same number as the preceding bus service. 
  • No exit and re-entry at the same station. 

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Fare Calculator

Learn more about distance fares

Distance Fare Table

OR call 1800-CALL LTA 1800-225 5582


If there is an error in your fare, submit a Transit Link claim form.

Bus Fare and Ticketing

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