Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Scheme

What is the scheme about?

The Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Scheme, also known as Bus Priority Box, is just like a zebra crossing, except that it is meant for buses.

By making it compulsory for motorists to give way to buses exiting the bus stop, the scheme allows buses to pull out of the bus bay/bus lane easily and continue on their journey without delays.

There are a total of 332 bus stops under this scheme since being piloted in 2008. We will continue to review and implement the scheme in phases to benefit more commuters.


How does it benefit commuters?

  • Reduced waiting and travelling time
  • Smoother and faster bus rides
  • Reach destinations on time

Wherever you are commuting to, we want you to get there as quickly as possible. So you can spend time doing the things that matter, be it family, work or play.


Give Way to buses scheme


It is a traffic offence if motorists do not give way to buses or stay in the Bus Priority Box (yellow box) marked Give Way to Buses.

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When was the scheme implemented?

The pilot stage of the scheme began in December 2008 as one of several LTA initiatives to improve the speed and reliability of buses under the Land Transport Master Plan.

During the trial at 22 bus bays along Bukit Batok East Avenue 3, Toh Tuck Road and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, we found that buses were able to exit the bus bay up to 73% faster.

Following positive results from the trial, the scheme was expanded to additional bus stops, bringing the total to 332 bus stops.


bus priority box trial

Two bus stops along Orchard Road to have bus priority boxes (also known as the Mandatory Give Way to Buses scheme) to improve bus reliability and shorten journey time for commuters. This is the first time the scheme is introduced at bus stops without bus bays. 

LTA will use the findings of this six-month trial to determine if the scheme should be applied for similar bus stops in other locations.


LTA ensures buses enjoy uninterrupted travel on the roads through added measures:

  • 150 km of bus lanes
  • Signal priority for buses at junctions
  • Contra-flow bus lanes
  • Segregated bus ways


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