Taking A Bus

Tips for Bus Commuters

Since 2006, wheelchair-accessible buses (WABs) have been serving more routes across the island. As of end-September 2017, about 95% of the bus fleet are new buses fitted with ramps. We aim to have all buses fully wheelchair accessible by 2020.

Find out which bus services are wheelchair accessible from SBST and SMRT.


There are many supplementary public transport bus services operated by private bus operators that offer more transport options for commuters:

  • Premium Bus Service (PBS)
    Commuters who are prepared to pay a higher price for a higher level of bus service – such as a more direct or comfortable journey and guaranteed seats – may avail premium bus services.
  • Fast Forward Bus Service
    Commuters save up to 20% travel time in the morning and evening peak hours by using fast forward buses. These buses have fewer stops and flexible routing to avoid traffic congestion.

All bus stops in Singapore provide bus route information guides to help you get to your destination faster. Several bus stops across the island are equipped with real-time bus arrival information to help commuters better manage their waiting time.

You can use a mobile app to get more information on bus arrival times.