THOUGHTFULNESS. A better ride for You & Me.

Remember Move-In Martin and his merry band of commuter buddies? I’m sure you do as we hear that many of you found them extremely likeable (yup, we saw you taking selfies with their posters) and even grooving to their songs!

Well, we are bringing the beloved Thoughtful Bunch back this year with new and refreshed looks in 3D! Don’t they now look even better with their makeovers? 


Our famous five are of course famous for their thoughtful acts and to nudge commuters like you and me to be thoughtful when we travel on public transport. They are now back with their latest single! Join them and groove along to their latest hit on being thoughtful while travelling on public transport. Check out the latest Graciousness video here!

Are you the stylish one with the groovy moves? The delightful travel companion? Or the one with the insatiable zest for life? You can now find out how alike you are to our characters by taking the quiz!


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