Travel Smart

Travel Smart 


The aim of Travel Smart is to influence travel behaviour change, to shift travelling commuters to off-peak periods, encourage a switch to more sustainable modes of travel such as public transport, walking and cycling or reduce travel demand altogether.

Travel Smart is based on the concept of travel planning, which is widely implemented by organisations in cities like London, Manchester, Dublin and Sydney. Essentially, travel planning is a means of evaluating how the management and employees of an organisation currently travel to work, and during the day as part of their work. Based on the analysis of existing patterns and attitudes with regard to travel, an action plan for improved transport efficiency and sustainability is prepared.

We have launched a new Travel Smart Network to intensify efforts and encourage more organisations to implement measures such as flexi travel arrangements to support employees who may wish to travel during off-peak periods. For a start, LTA will partner organisations with a staff strength of more than 200 employees in major employment centres located near MRT stations and that are willing to trial travel demand initiatives.


BENEFITS FOR Organisations:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environment Management Goals
  • Property Rationalisation
  • Valuable Insight into Employees' Views on Work and Travel Patterns
  • Better Company Image
  • Improved Staff Morale
  • Better Staff Retention
  • Productivity Gains


  • Reduced Journey Time
  • Reduced Travel Costs
  • Better Work/Life Balance
  • Health Benefits from Active Travel
  • Improved Workplace Facilities
  • Competitionsand Prizes
  • Off-Peak Travel Incentives


  • Less capital cost needed to build Active Mobility related facilities
  • Attract more tenants with the Active Mobility related facilities

[For more information on how to apply Travel Smart Grant for your development, click here]