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If you wish to Travel Smart, you can do so through these simple measures.

Simple Travel Smart Tips:

- Explore telecommuting or staggered working hours with your supervisors
- Travel during off-peak hours

+ Enjoy a more comfortable work commute
+ Have a good workout at the gym
+ Enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your colleagues
+ Benefit from Travel Smart Rewards or other schemes

- Share your Travel Smart experiences with friends and colleagues



The enhanced Travel Smart Rewards (TSR) scheme comes with new features customised to individual commuters to encourage them to travel off-peak.  First launched in 2012 and modelled after the Incentives for Singapore’s Commuters (INSINC) pilot, the New TSR incentivises and encourages commuters to shift their travel patterns and move out of the peak travel periods while earning points and cash rewards at the same time.

One of the new exciting features of the New TSR is the personalised travel planner. The personalised travel planner analyses commuters’ individual travel patterns and recommends a customised Travel Plan for each commuter. Selected commuters who shift their travel patterns according to the Travel Plan will earn cash rewards for every eligible trip. In addition to the cash rewards, commuters will continue to accumulate points for every trip that they make on the rail network during their weekday commute.

Users can also look forward to a new interactive game, “The Ride One”, where they can earn up to $200 cash rewards. More interactive games will be introduced gradually in the coming months.  All users will be entitled to participate in the monthly lucky draws, so the more train trips made, the greater the chances of winning the top prize of $1,500.

Commuters can sign up for the New TSR at