Fast Facts

The new generation trains used for the Downtown line feature a range of environmental-friendly innovations.

  • More efficient regenerative brakes means that every time the train stops – it recovers the kinetic energy and converts it for other uses! There’s also less wear and tear on the brakes.
  • Over the lifespan of the train this translates energy savings of approximately 8,000 kilowatt hours per year!
  • The rolling stock of the train is Bombardier Movia.
  • Train Characteristics
    Train Length                 70m
    Car Length                   23m
    Car Width                     3.2m
    Track Gauge                 1,435mm
  • Train Performance
    Max. Design Speed         90km/h
    Max. Service Speed        80km/h
    Acceleration                    1.1m/s2
    Normal Braking               1.1m/s2
    Emergency Braking         1.4m/s2