While public transport is the most efficient means of travel, taxis and private hire cars bridge the gap between commuting and driving a car.

Taxis and private hire cars offer a choice for commuters who wish to have a personalised and convenient door-to-door service.

From 22 June 2018, public service vehicle¹ owners must obtain LTA’s approval to install inward-facing in-vehicle recording devices and the approved installations can only be carried out at LTA-authorised installation centres. There will also be restricted access to the footage recorded by inward-facing in-vehicle recording devices. Government agencies and LTA-authorised data controllers will be allowed to access the footage to support investigations and enforcement. Please refer to this news release for more information.

News Release: Stringent LTA Installation Guidelines for Inward-Facing In-Vehicle Recording Devices to Safeguard Commuters’ Personal Data

Interested parties who wish to apply to be an authorised installation centre, or independent data controller, or both can submit this application form to the LTA.

¹ Does not apply to omnibuses that are licensed to operate regular route services and private buses.