Taxi Operators

There are seven taxi operators in Singapore. The taxi operators are distinguished by their unique taxi fleet livery.

Our taxi operators value your views and opinions.  Visit their websites or drop them a mail to get in touch with them.

LTA welcomes your feedback as a taxi passenger. If you have comments on a recent taxi experience, please share them with us through our online feedback form. Please have on hand the taxi’s plate number, the name of the taxi company, and the date and time of your journey.

Contact us at 1800-CALL-LTA (1800-2255-582). Depending on the nature of the complaint or feedback, LTA will follow up with an investigation or refer it to the taxi company, in accordance with the LTA's disciplinary system for taxi drivers.

Applying for a Taxi Service Operator's Licence
If you are applying to set up a taxi company, you must apply for a Taxi Service Operator Licence from LTA and also comply with the Quality of Service standards, codes and audit requirements. Find out how to apply.



If you have left something in a taxi, you may contact the respective taxi companies to make a lost & found report to recover your lost item.