Third-Party Taxi Booking Service Providers

From 1 September 2015, providers of third-party taxi booking service with more than 20 participating taxis must hold a certificate from LTA in order to operate1. Interested parties who wish to apply for a certificate can learn more about the key conditions and FAQs and submit this application form to the LTA. A non-refundable application fee of S$400 applies for each registration.

Press Release: Two Third-Party Taxi Booking Mobile Applications Issued with Certificates of Registration


List of registered providers

These companies are registered providers that have been issued a certificate to operate a third-party taxi booking service.

Service Providers Contact
Class 1 Providers
GrabTaxi / 6570 3925
Matchcab / 67497290
Wav Vapp
Class 2 Providers
Boon Lay Garden Radio Taxi Services / 6261 4774
Taman Jurong Radiophone Taxi Services 6265 4553
Islandlink Limousines & Cabs 6100 3132
Ryde Technologies Pte Ltd
Woodlands Transport Service Pte Ltd
Uncle Teng Limo Transport 6257 2257


Passenger feedback

If you wish to feedback on a recent taxi experience with one of the registered taxi service provider, you are encouraged to contact the service provider directly.

Alternatively, you can share your feedback with us through our online feedback form or call our hotline at 1800-CALL-LTA (1800-2255-582). You will be required to provide the taxi’s plate number, the name of the registered booking provider, the company which the taxi belonged to, and the date and time of your journey. 

You can also feedback on a possible unregistered provider offering third party taxi booking services through our online feedback form or call our hotline at 1800-CALL-LTA (1800-2255-582).

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Third Party Taxi Booking Service for Commuters




1 Existing providers operating before 1 September 2015 are given 3 months’ grace to apply to LTA and if they do so, they can still continue to operate their service until their application outcome is known.