Singapore Registered Vehicles

What must I comply with?

You must have a minimum three-quarter tank of petrol when departing Singapore.  Hybrid motor vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles and petrol-CNG vehicles must also comply with this rule.

Ensure that all travellers in your vehicle are carrying valid passports. You must also not bring any prohibited and controlled items into Singapore.

Since 15 February 2017, motorists need not display road tax discs on their vehicle windscreen. When travelling to Malaysia, you are reminded to keep these in your vehicle at all times:

Do I need to pay any toll?

Yes. The toll charges vary, depending on whether you use the Woodlands Checkpoint or Tuas Checkpoint.

Toll Charges
Calculate my Toll Charges

You can pay the toll charges by inserting a NETS CashCard or a CEPAS-compliant stored value card into the card reader installed at the immigration booths. 

    CEPAS card reader

Motorists are advised to familiarise themselves with toll payments when using the checkpoints. You can approach our officers for assistance at any of the VEP/ Toll offices at the checkpoints. Please note that a fine of up to S$1,000 may be imposed if toll charges are not deducted at the immigration booths.

NETS CashCard

NETS FlashPay


Can I drive my Singapore-registered vehicle to West Malaysia?

Vehicle Type Allowed to Drive to West Malaysia?
Private cars and motorcycles Yes
Taxis No
Buses and heavy vehicles (bearing G and Y licence plates) Yes but must be licensed as a commercial vehicle in Malaysia.

Cash Card

You can buy a CashCard at:

  • NETS Sales & Customer Service Centre
  • FairPrice Xpress & Cheers
  • 7-Eleven stores
  • Selected car parks and photocopy facilities

EZ Link card

You can buy an EZ-Link card at:

  • TransitlLink Ticket Offices at MRT stations and bus interchanges
  • 7-Eleven stores including those located at Shell petrol kiosks

NETS Flashpay card

You can buy a NETS FlashPay card at:

  • TransitLink Ticket Offices at MRT stations and bus interchanges
  • FairPrice Xpress & Cheers
  • 7-Eleven stores
  • iNETS kiosk